Smart Water Level Sensor – SenSmart WLS


Product Name

Smart Water Level Sensor – SenSmart WLS


Urban Flood Early Warning System, Road Underpass Water Level Monitoring, Irrigation Canals and Gutters Water Level Monitoring, River Water Level Sensing

Sensor Principle

The cylinder wall and the sensor probe form the capacitor. The capacitance (admittance) measured is proportional to the substance level inside the cylinder. The data are sent via the RF transmitter.


  • Integrate RF Transmitter, LoRaWAN/3G, Capacitance Data, and Solar Cell. Save 50% cost to build a new monitoring station and maintenance fee
  • Paired with Senslink for instant real-time remote data acquisition and access
  • IP67 waterproof case for severe or hazardous environment
  • Low power usage: Normal 0.9W, Sleep 0.0025mW
  • Both integral and separated water level sensor are available for different environment. The integral sensor can be tied to a pole or mounted on a wall. The separated sensor is suitable to be installed under gutters or pipes.
      • Separated Water Level Sensor
      • MG+4C_separated_EN

Application Pictures (Integral Sensors)


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