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Cloud-based IoT Monitoring Infrastructure

Senslink is a turn-key solution for remote data acquisition powered by cloud-computing system. It provides a stable monitoring platform, easy installation and user friendly interfaces. The system integrates with SensMini M4 data logger. The logger automates real-time data aggregation and transmission. Users can analyze data, produce status reports and diagrams, as well as generate alerts over Internet and 3G/LoRaWAN.



Solutions include natural disaster prevention, geological, hydrological & hydraulic, or meteorological data acquisitions, environmental protection, energy conservation, as well as traffic management.


Smart Water Level Sensor – SenSmart WLS
  • Integrate RF transmitter, LoRaWAN/3G, and solar cell
  • Paired with Senslink for instant real-time remote data acquisition and access
  • IP67 waterproof case for severe or hazardous environment


Smart Data Logger – SensMini M4
  • Compatible with 99% industrial sensors
  • Power saving, easy installation, user friendly
  • IP68 waterproof case suitable for harsh or hazardous environment
  • The perfect choice for remote data acquisition and telemetry system



Data Acquisition & Cloud Computing Platform – Senslink
  • Online graphic tools
  • Monitoring with mobile devices or desktop
  • Real-time data analyses and alerts


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