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Drainage Monitoring

Taiwan’s tropical torrential rain or heavy downpour occurs frequently and often generates a large amount of runoff in a short period of time. The normal drainage system cannot drain away in time which results in inundations and causes property damages. AnaSystem’s Cloud-based monitoring system can automatically transfer aggregated measures to the cloud platform, Senslink, using the smart data logger, SensMini M4. It can monitor drainage and surface runoff in real time continuously. Combined with the rainfall forecast and early warning model, the system is able to continuously analyze and provide online advice according to the measures collected. The results can be transferred to a control center for decision making to reduce and prevent disasters promptly. Sensors Water level sensor, water flow sensor, rain gauge, etc Examples of Application Related Products Smart Data Logger – SensMini M4 Data Acquisition & Cloud Computing Platform – Senslink


Water Resources Management

Agriculture Irrigation and Rural Water Management AnaSystem, Taiwan provides a secure, cloud-based rural water management system that can remotely monitor, aggregate, and transmit measures via wireless or Internet connections using SensMini M4 to a cloud platform, Senslink, for analyzing data, initiating corresponding operations, or triggering alerts. The system can measure and monitor accurate real-time water levels, automate pumping station operations, control gate valves, display statuses, and generate reports. The system, leveraged by information technology and hydrologic knowledge, improves water usage, strengthen irrigation water conservancy, and ultimately manage water resources effectively. Water Resource Allocation and Distribution System Many out-of-date water allocation or distribution systems have aged pipes or tubes with disorganized layouts over delivery regions. The system can easily lead to water leakages and is very difficult to detect. The traditional or manual water pipeline inspection is costly and lack of efficiency. AnaSystem provides a real-time, automated data logging device, SensMini…


Monitoring and Control of Running Water Supply

The running water supply monitoring and control system developed by AnaSystem, Taiwan can support smart water management and remotely integrate, monitor and automate resources of water supply from water plants, pumping stations, water wells, water purification processes, etc. The system, powered by cloud computing and IOT technology, comprises of the programmable, intelligent dataloggers, SensMini M4, and the SOA based platform, Senslink. The system is configurable for multiple operations and applications, for example, pumping valve control, distal video display. It measures various engineering parameters with different retrieval intervals. In addition, almost any sensor available in the market can be monitored by SensMini M4. The system can remotely measure and monitor multiple parameters related to running water supply, operate water resources effectively, and dispatch water supply management personnel efficiently. Sensors Water level sensor, opening sensor, water flow sensor, water pressure sensor, rain gauge, temp&humidity sensor, etc Examples Related Products Smart Data Logger…


Automated and Remote Control of Sluice Gates / Pumping Stations

Senslink platform system can be used for monitoring and operating sluice gates and pumping stations. Based on the measured water level and flow, it can operate and control the gates, the valves or the pumps automatically and remotely through the cloud-based platform, Senslink, with smart dataloggers, Sensmini M4. The SensMini M4 is a versatile device for data acquisition and transmitting that can accommodate and adapt to most commercial sensors available on market. The Senselink platform can analyze the water levels and discharges in real-time, and escalate alerts while the measurements of parameters breach the desired thresholds. By automated control and remote operation of the gates, it can prevent or reduce the on-site risk for in-charged personnel. Furthermore, the System can enhance and improve the handling of emergency occurrences and thus avoiding unnecessary disasters. Sensors Water level sensor, opening sensor, water flow sensor, water pressure sensor, rain gauge,etc Examples Related Products…


Water Quality Monitoring

AnaSystem has developed a Water Quality Monitoring System which provides long-term monitoring of water quality under natural and industrial environments. It can measure water quality of fresh water, sea water, ground water, drinking water during purification process, industrial wastewater, open ponds, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, as well as other surface water bodies. The System ensures compliance with and maintains water quality control by automatic recording, real-time measuring and analyzing a wide range of water quality parameters through a cloud-based Senslink platform which collects data via smart datalogger, SensMini M4, over networking infrastructure. The datalogger can integrate with multiple commercial available sensors. The System identifies water profile, immediate insight of current conditions, modeling predictions as well as display and report historical trends. In addition, the System implements advanced applications and tools to configure multiples thresholds, generate alerts and notifications automatically via e-mails, short message services, and hand-held devices instantly. Therefore, with the…


Water Level and Flow Monitoring

A Cloud-based monitoring system powered by IoT (Internet of Things) technology, developed and implemented by Anasystem, Taiwan is capable of managing water resource smartly, and preventing or protecting the incidences caused by water shortage during the drought period as often experienced in Taiwan. The system encompasses mainly SensMini M4, a intelligent datalogger monitoring and transmitting hydrological measures automatically, and Senslink, a Cloud-based platform aggregating and reporting the measures with big data analysis capability. The system enables disaster warming and automatic sluice gate adjustment. It can share data or integrate easily with other data collection agencies. The system can control and manage water resources information and water related applications to facilitate analyses for disaster prevention and mitigation, and sound decision-making for policy makers. Sensors Water level sensor, water flow sensor, water pressure sensor, rain gauge, etc Examples Related Products Smart Data Logger – SensMini M4 Data Acquisition & Cloud Computing Platform -…